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Cloud Hosting

About Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting plays an important part of deploying cloud computing on infrastructure. It is at the bottom of the cloud computing industrial chain pyramid, and its products integrate three core elements of internet applications: computing, storage and network, providing public internet infrastructure services to users. Cloud hosting is part of a cluster of hosts virtualising multiple components similar to independent hosts, but with mirror images at each of the hosts in the cluster, resulting in the security and stability of virtual hosts being greatly increased. Access to the cloud host will always be available, unless there is an issue with all hosts.

  • Cloud hosting is a relatively new service which integrates high performance servers and good-quality network bandwidth. It has effectively overcome a number of the limitations such as the high prices of traditional hosting and unreliable products. It can fully satisfy the demands of small and medi- um-sized enterprises and individual users of hosting services with low costs, high reliability and easy management.