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Video Cloud

Video Collaboration Cloud

Video collaboration of cloud services is a virtualised platform based on cloud architecture, the text, audio, video and media content of which, when integrated, provide customers with interactive collaboration services. Such services include enterprise high definition video conferencing, remote classrooms, online lessons and telemedi- cine etc.

The video collaboration cloud services platform provides users with the collection, storage, management, deliv- ery, retrieval, research and sharing of video resources and other functionalities. Furthermore, it can make full use of the latest technology such as big data analytics and video identification, providing users with value-added services.

  • With the increase in global collaboration, the volume of information has been growing at an exponential rate. However, efficient communication and collaboration are essential at every stage including, for example, the gathering, application and analysis of big data. With the video collaboration cloud, communication and information sharing is no longer limited by time, location, or device.

  • Through independent development, an innovative approach, an improved technical offering and usability of the video cloud product as well as reduced customer costs, video collaboration cloud has achieved ground-breaking prog- ress in offering global solutions in the video industry.

The video collaboration cloud platform provides services including high definition video, live streaming and real-time monitoring.

The technical advantages of the video collaboration cloud services platform include: